Shut Up and Scull the Bathtub

Rowers adore challenges. They drive their legs and walk through them, leaving self-doubt, laziness, and weakness scrambling in their wake, while racing for the finish line. Self-proclaimed masochists, rowers live to push themselves through barriers, through pain, misery, and challenges, and to push themselves past what they previously believed they believed they could do. Rowers want more. They want to get better.
They want to be the fastest.

This is a blog about our daily workouts, rants, wishes, goals, and pretty pictures of the sport we love. Mostly singles.
Two female rowers.
Names: Anju and Lauren. Soph and Junior, respectively.
Pacific Rowing Club, Bay Area reppin'
Rowing since September 2010

Freak of nature frosh/best friend ever:
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